The Little Booty Ham Sandwich

The Little Booty Ham Sandwich is a lucky cat named after its lucky owners.

On their return from honeymoon, Yessenia and Sean Savage were delighted when a stray cat hopped into their arms outside their San Lorenzo, California home. Unsure of what to call her, the couple agreed to take the kitten into their care; but when they saw the unique names Nationwide was offering for pets as part of its annual pet insurance contest, they jumped at the chance to give their new furry family member a nickname sure to delight friends and colleagues alike!

Yessenia and Sean made a wise choice in choosing Nationwide as their pet name provider, since their feline has earned herself the wackiest title in pet names – The Little Booty Ham Sandwich. And she isn’t alone in having such an eccentric pet name in Nationwide’s extensive library of oxymoronic namesakes.

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Wacky Cat and Dog Names That Will Blow Your Mind

This year’s winning entries were truly remarkable; from dignitary namesakes to oxymoronic monikers, the judges scrutinized over 600,000 insured pets for some of the most unique – and hilarious – pet names in history.

From New York City to Canada’s Great White North, these quirky names have all earned their places on our list of the most intriguing ones.

Kitchen-thumbed folks will appreciate how easy this sandwich is to make, even on a hangover. It combines two classic hangover foods – bacon butty and egg bake – but with an unexpected twist: Heidi aged cow’s milk cheese from British Columbia that melts down to creamy perfection.

Making the Little Booty Ham Sandwich

To create this sandwich worthy of its name, begin by toasting two slices of bread in a preheated cast-iron grill pan over medium-high heat. Spread each slice with butter and mustard before layering on ham and roast pork slices. Finally, squirt some hummus over each sandwich before wrapping each in foil before serving.

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