Arts and culture

The Importance of Arts and Culture


Art and culture are integral parts of society, shaping how we think, feel and act. Additionally, they have a beneficial effect on the economy as well. Fostering an arts and cultural sector helps communities attract and retain talented individuals.

Studying Art and culture offers many exciting possibilities. Enrolling in a course such as Art History or Visual Culture will give you the chance to investigate the origins and evolution of various forms of artwork, plus its social and political impacts.

The arts and culture field can offer a strong platform for careers in business, public policy and the social sciences. It can promote economic growth and job creation by encouraging creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills within the workplace.

In the US, employers are increasingly looking for employees with artistic abilities and creative thinking. The arts and culture sector has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, so communities are now competing with one another to attract workers by marketing their cities as exciting places to live.

Engaging in the arts is a wonderful way to meet new people, enhance your health and wellbeing. Furthermore, engaging with culture and art broadens your perspective, encourages critical thinking and builds social connections.

Studying Arts and culture will give you a deepened insight into human experience and its connection to the environment. You have the chance to study various subjects such as music, dance, architecture, cinema and design from an in-depth perspective.

Experience a wealth of cultures from India to Europe, Japan and Africa. These diverse peoples will provide you with invaluable inspiration as you craft your own unique approach to understanding the world.

Our faculty are accomplished scholars, museum professionals and critics with a range of specializations to offer to your studies. Chair Elizabeth Mangini specializes in social histories of contemporary European art while professors and graduate students work on projects related to experimental cinema, fashion theory, urban history, comparative literature and writing.

We offer an extensive selection of courses and interdisciplinary studios to allow you to engage with material practices that excite you. These specialized courses will equip you with the ability to write critically about art, as well as teach you key art historical techniques for comprehending artworks from both past and present.

Arts and culture encompass a vast range of genres: painting, photography, sculpting, dancing, theatre – the list is endless! The Arts and Culture Division of Goodyear works to promote these activities within the City while working alongside other governmental agencies to guarantee that everyone benefits from these activities.

Goodyear, Arizona’s arts and culture industry is a significant contributor to the local economy. Not only does it attract and retain residents – especially young ones – but it also enhances quality of life for those living there.

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