How to Play Southern Tien Len Card Game Win Big

Move to the South is an extremely attractive game, loved from the first day it was introduced to our country. With its origins in Europe, moving to the South has become increasingly popular and has become an indispensable brainchild of game enthusiasts. The article is below jun88 will guide how to play as well as highly effective playing experience accumulated and shared by veteran players.

Learn how to play Tien Len Southern

Game move to the SouthOnline still uses a deck of cards with 52 cards as the traditional form of play. The rules and how to play are still the same as the old rules. At the same time, the terms in the game are not much different.

Gaming table move to the South There will be a maximum of four participants, at least two to start the betting round. Each player will be dealt 13 cards by the Dealer. Whoever won the previous game will be the first to go in this game. In the case of the first game, the first person will be the one who creates the room. If someone leaves the room, the right to host the table will be transferred to the person next to them.

How to fight move to the Southis to play cards that are larger or have the same size but have a higher suit than the previous player’s cards. The order of the cards will be from largest to smallest in progress: 2, A, K, Q, J, 10, …, 4, 3. In addition, the suits will also be assigned high and low value from large to small. as follows: Hearts, Diamonds, Diamonds, Spades. For example, three of spades will be smaller than three of hearts and smaller than all the remaining cards besides 3 such as 4, 5, etc.

Information on how to play Tien Len game in the South

In case you have a card that no other player at the table can block, you will have the right to play first in the next round. The winner will be the one who can play all the cards first. The remaining players will continue to play until they run out of cards to win 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

Terms often used in the article Tien Len Southern

In the process of advancing, players often use some of the following common terms:

  • Pair: 2 cards with the same number. For example: A of clubs and A of diamonds, K of spades and K of hearts
  • Repentance: 3 cards of the same number. For example: A bich, A ro, A troy. 3 spades, 3 hearts, 3 diamonds
  • Straight: Consists of 3 consecutive cards of any or more suit. For example: J of spades, Q of diamonds, K of hearts,… However, going to the South does not exist such halls as (K-A-2, A-2-3, 2-3-4).
  • Junk: These are odd cards that cannot be paired, are cards or straight cards.
  • Four of a kind: Includes 4 cards of the same number. For example: 9 spades 9 diamonds 9 hearts 9 diamonds.
  • 3 consecutive pairs: 3 or more consecutive pairs. For example: 4 spades, 4 diamonds, 5 diamonds, 5 hearts, 6 diamonds, 6 diamonds.
  • Down card: The player plays the last 3 of spades card.
  • Turn 2: When one player wins, the other player has a card of 2, pair of cards or four of a kind, it is also called a turn.
  • Face down card: If a player from the beginning to the end of the table still cannot play any card, it is called a face down card.

The experience of playing the card game Tien Len in the South is effective

Playing experience move to the SouthThe most effective results from experts and professional players are shared as follows:

Train your memory ability

Experiences in playing Tien Len game in the South effectively

For professional players, they have an extraordinary ability to remember cards. At the same time, they also have the ability to analyze the remaining cards very well. Players can learn how to memorize the cards that have been played and analyze the abilities of the remaining cards. Although memorizing will take a lot of time, it will bring extremely high betting efficiency to you.

Get the first turn

The advantage of going first in a game will help you steer the game in the direction you want. So try to use your cards to be at the top. This way you will be able to play the game exactly the way you need.

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Always maintain a stable mentality when playing

When you create a stable mentality and spirit, it will help you focus and judge how to play the game post move to the South most accurate.


Abovejun88 detailed instructions on how to play the game article to advance to the Southbrings high results. Don’t wait, join us now to experience the most perfect quality of betting service. Wishing readers good luck and success with this exciting Tien Tien game.

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